"I got beef with him anyways:" Suspect now charged in fatal 2014 shooting of man outside of Fryerz Restaurant

Milwaukee (CBS 58) -- Pierre Donshay Taylor, a 28-year-old Milwaukee man, is now charged with First Degree Reckless Homicide and Possession of a Firearm by a Felon.

Police officers responded to Fryerz Restaurant on 27th Street for a report of a fatal shooting in July of 2014. The victim, Jimmy Nash, died on scene.

Police located the suspect in November of 2014 during a traffic stop and were able to determine that the firearm recovered was the same one used in the homicide of Nash.

A witness told police that he was with the suspect on their way to the bar when they stopped at a red light outside of a restaurant. The witness told police that Nash asked the suspect, Taylor, what he was looking at. Taylor allegedly replied,"I can look at who I want to." According to the witness, Taylor and Nash began to exchange words.

Taylor and another man then exited the vehicle, armed with a handgun and a caliber. 

The witness told police that the two men were gone for a period of time at which point he heard 5 to 6 gunshots.

The witness allegedly asked Taylor "What if you killed the guy?" to which Taylor responded, "He should have not been talking S---. I got beef with him anyways."

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