'Hyphenated American' exhibit explores Latinx heritage, culture & identity through artedius

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An art exhibit on Milwaukee’s south side is celebrating Latinx heritage and culture.

“Hyphenated Americans” features works from 17 Latinx artists.

Each piece is a person take on how they see themselves and exploration of their identity in America.

The exhibit embraces the similarities and differences among Latinx cultures.

It also explores the fight to keep these cultures alive.

“We are often lumped into one big monolithic group, and we really aren’t. There are similarities between the cultures, but we want to celebrate the differences and explore those and not lose those," LUNA co-founder and exhibit curator Katie Avila Loughmiller said.

“I feel like a very collaborative space where we can all celebrate identity, in a sense, it makes people feel like ‘oh I don’t have to feel intimidated to ask more questions on what this piece means’," said Ana Marie Edwards, whose work is featured in the exhibit.

“Hyphenated Americans” is on display at Latino Arts, Inc. on ninth street.

On Thursday, April 1, some of the artists are taking part in a panel at Latino Arts called "Latinx Women in Art: From Self-Expressionism to Activism".

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