Husband and wife face 97 felonies each in family scam

CALEDONIA- A Kenosha couple are each acing close to 100 charges each after trying to scam an elderly family member.

Police say 30 -year-old Jennifer Miller faces 97 charges of theft false representation and one count of obstructing an officer.

Her husband, Robert Miller, faces the same 97 charges of false representation.

Police added that that since 2007 the couple had been going to a bank with Jennifer Miller's now 93-year-old uncle to withdraw thousands of dollars in cash.

Detective Melissa Stardy with the Caledonia police say it was all under the guise that it was a real loan and the couple would pay it back when Robert Miller received money from an insurance claim.

The Miller's criminal complaint alleges that Robert Miller told his wife's uncle he was owed a $1 million settlement from State Farm.

He reportedly promised when he got it, he would pay back the $352,000 he borrowed.

According to police, there was never any insurance settle.

Caledonia police were advised that Robert Miller tried to file an insurance claim for a fall but it was denied and that he was never to receive any money.

The complaint shows dozens of transactions.

A family spokesperson sent CBS 58 a statement saying:

\"We have been very impressed with the Caledonia police department and the extent they investigated this case, and the many good people that have showed us great kindness in this very difficult time. We are looking forward to this case being brought to a positive outcome.\"


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