Hunters face ammo shortage as Wisconsin's gun deer hunting season approaches

NOW: Hunters face ammo shortage as Wisconsin’s gun deer hunting season approaches

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Wisconsin's gun deer hunting season is 16 days away, and if you're planning on getting out there, you better check your supplies.

A nationwide shortage of ammunition could affect you. The shortage has been a problem in some places since last year.

What caused the shortage? One big reason is that there's been a spike in new gun owners since the start of the pandemic.

Many of them bought handguns, and manufacturers have responded.

"Because that was where all the demand was, and they literally just stopped producing hunting rounds," said Kevin Vick, president of Stock and Barrel Gun Clubs.

"When we used to place an order for slugs going into deer season, we'd buy 6-8 cases and each case might be 50 boxes," said Joe Martinson, gun manager at Osseo Gun Club. "Right now, if I'm lucky to find it, I can buy one case."

Availability of parts like brass also slowed ammo production, along with shipping issues.

If you need ammunition for deer hunting, you should probably start shopping or contacting gun shops as soon as possible.

Wisconsin's gun deer season runs from Nov. 20-28.

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