Hundreds of schools, businesses to close Wednesday, Wisconsinites brace for cold

NOW: Hundreds of schools, businesses to close Wednesday, Wisconsinites brace for cold

SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- There have been more than 400 closures of businesses, schools, and other locations reported to CBS 58 News Tuesday night.

Hundreds of schools across our area will be closed Wednesday. Shopping centers like Brookfield Square Mall, Pleasant Prairie Outlets and Ikea won’t be open. Chase and BMO Harris Banks will be closed too. Several restaurants and other businesses have closed too, which are listed here.

Pick n’ Save and Metro Market grocery stores will have normal hours and so will their pharmacies.

“I think it's a sense of easy on the community always knowing their local grocery store is available to them,” Metro Market Shorewood Store Director Anthony Kuchinsky said. “If someone really needs something we will still be here for them.”

Milwaukee shoppers are getting ready to brace themselves for what’s expected to be the coldest temperatures Wisconsin has seen in more than 20 years. Shoppers filled the checkout lines at Metro Market Shorewood Tuesday so they didn’t have to go out on Wednesday.

“Get everything I could think of today and then I can stay put,” Shopper Mike Draver said.

For some other shoppers, they’re getting everything they need for a day to hang out at home.

“We got popcorn, so we can watch Netflix tomorrow, got fruit, stuff to make chili so we can stay in,” Shopper Rashida Evans said.

Grocery delivery at Metro Market won’t be in service Wednesday, but curbside pickup will be available. However, most people at the store Tuesday say they’re not leaving their homes Wednesday because of the dangerously cold temperatures.

“Outside today was crazy. I was bundled up, ear muffs, hat, it was hard to breathe and this isn't even anything compared to how bad it's going to be tomorrow,” Lynn Rothrock said. “I don't want to go out.”

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