Hundreds of residents remain without water in the North Shore

FOX POINT-A water main break near Dean and Links Way has cut off service to homes in Fox Point and Bayside.

Residents have been without service since Thursday night and crews are still working on repairs, officials said early Friday morning.

Workers on the scene told CBS 58 News they expected repairs to take until 9 or 10 p.m. Thursday.

But later officials from Bayside issued a statement saying:

\"Latest Pelham Heath water update- water off until at least midnight. No estimated time for restoration. Contractors on site in Fox Point.\"

In Fox Point, about 200 homes are impacted. Residents are using bottled water to get by.

Crews on scene say they have been dealt with seven water main breaks in just the last three days.

Northshore Fire Department issued the following alert:

\"Fox Point has had to call a contractor in to fix water main break affecting Pelham Heath subdivision. Fix and water outage may be prolonged.\"

Bayside also issued a warning to residents about water in the roadways:

\"Please drive carefully on Buttles, Fielding. and Greenvale south of Brown Deer Rd. Water is on the roads from the water main break in Fox Point.\"

CBS 58 News will continue to monitor developments.




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