Hundreds Gather to Celebrate life of Ashlyn Flegel

Hundreds of people filled the gym at Pewaukee High School Saturday morning to say goodbye to a 12-year-old girl struck by a car while riding her bicycle. 

Ashlyn Flegel passed away Tuesday evening, just over a week after the accident.

Saturday's visitation lasted for more than 3 hours, ending with a powerful moment as Ashlyn's dance team-mates sang "fight song" at the top of their lungs. 

     "The amount of people that came just to celebrate Ashlyn and celebrate her life, and mourn the fact that she's not going to be here anymore, it's very overwhelming," said Ashlyn's mother Shannon.

The precession moved across the street to the cemetery where Ashlyn was laid to rest. Along the way, the crowd passed numerous blue ribbons, hung throughout the week in her honor. Shannon and her husband Tony led the way, following the casket. 

      "As we were walking, Tony looked at me and said turn around and look at the people," said Shannon. "And I turned around and there was just a flood of people coming from the school and it took my breath away, because she impacted each and every one of those people and they felt the need or desire to be here to say goodbye to her." 

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