Hundreds continue protesting after Roe v. Wade overturn in Milwaukee

NOW: Hundreds continue protesting after Roe v. Wade overturn in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- More took to the streets today, on June 25, in light of yesterday's overturn of Roe v Wade.

"We are here for creative dissent against the decision, we feel that the state should not have control over our bodies," said Ruth B8r Ginsburg Drummer Quinn Cory.

The eight members of the local band Ruth B8r Ginsberg, along with hundreds of protestors, marched from South Shore Park to the Cactus Club, where speakers talked about the issues they face now, and with musical performances as well.

Their message, the same one it has been for a long time, bodily autonomy.

"Now's the time for us to be organizing and being in community with each other and showing different ways that we can resist," said Cory.

There was also a shift in the way that the activists are talking about the issues they face, as they begin to talk about how reproductive justice could be served in a post-Roe world.

"The logistical support, literal funding for traveling out of state, helping people find access to medication abortion for self-managed abortion and doing that safely," said band member Ousia Moon.

Proceeds from the event went to the Women's Medical Fund of Wisconsin, helping funding of abortion care, as well as advocacy work and political activism.

Members of the band say more work than just going to the ballot box will be needed to keep people safe.

"It's not a new fight, I want to remember that they can tap into and support the organizations and people that have already been doing this movement work for decades and that there's already knowledge of how to have systems and networks of support and we can take care of each other," said Moon.

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