Humane society issues warning after several baby bunnies were killed or injured by yardwork-related accidents

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center at the Wisconsin Humane Society is issuing a warning to look twice before beginning yard work this season.

A group of cottontail babies from two separate litters came into their care as a result of two separate yardwork-related accidents.

In the first incident, five babies were found in a fire pit and were accidentally doused with lighter fluid.

In a second incident, one baby bunny was able to be saved after its nest was destroyed by a lawnmower. 

The babies were all the same size so the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center combined both litters so that the lone bunny would able to have some buddies. 

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center anticipates that the babies will do well in their care.

The center would like to remind everyone to keep an eye open and check yards before activities like lighting fires or mowing the lawn. \"It's simply that time of year when yardwork tasks and baby bunny nests overlap, but your diligence in being observant and checking first can save lives! Thank you!\"

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