Human Skull Found in Wauwatosa is headed to Texas

NOW: Human Skull Found in Wauwatosa is headed to Texas

The medical examiner has released new details on human bones that were found at a construction site in Wauwatosa Friday afternoon.

Since Friday’s discovery construction has been put on hold.

That skull is now being sent to The University of North Texas to their Center for Human Identification for further analysis by a forensic anthropologist.

The medical examiner’s office says based on the condition of the skull, they believe it to be decades old.

Several neighbors spoke with CBS 58 and say they’re glad to see something done with the lot since it had been sitting vacant for some years. But they never imagined having human remains turn up there.

“It’s interesting,” says Fred Reinke, who lives nearby. “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it is.”

“I babysit kids who go to Lincoln, and after hearing about what happened like finding bones of a human, that’s freaky,” says Mollie Schnider, who lives nearby. “You hear about stuff like this happening all the time but you never expect it to happen so close to where you live.”

Folks at the Wauwatosa Historical Society say that at one point there was a cemetery nearby, but they can’t pinpoint where exactly. They’re currently looking at older maps from the area for clues. 

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