How vaccination efforts are going in some counties surrounding Milwaukee

MEQUON (CBS 58) — At the Ozaukee County Fairgrounds Friday, the Washington Ozaukee Health Department estimated 400 people were getting the vaccine. 

“We’ve seen a little bit of decreased demand the last couple weeks, have fewer appointments than we have appointment slots, so we’re offering walk-ins to try to make up that demand,” said John Hanan.

He is the emergency preparedness coordinator for the health department.  

“Part of that is the population that really wants the vaccine, we’ve got a good chunk in Ozaukee County, 84, 85-percent 65 plus. Washington County, it’s around 75 or 76-percent so I think we’ve kind of moved through that population and so we’re — in addition to offering the walk-in clinics — looking at offering some more targeted, smaller scale clinics.” 

In Waukesha County, County Executive Paul Farrow says 30,000 shots are being administered each week.  

“I think it’s holding steady. When you look at the overall numbers in Waukesha County as a total population, we’re at about 43-percent have gotten their first shot,” said Farrow.  

He says about 26-percent, or 110,000 people, are fully vaccinated.  

“There are still some people that are kind of hesitant. We’re starting to see more and more of those individuals come out to get their shots, so I think we’ll see an increase.”

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