How to protect yourself on Cyber Monday

If you plan to point, click and buy, there are ways to keep your financial information private and safe.

First, pay attention to what site your on. Major retailers, like Target, Best Buy and Walmart are generally safe, but you still need to double check before you put in your credit card information.

One way to do that is to see that on the left side of the screen you see HTTPS. The 'S' will appear on the site when you are about to make your purchase. It means that website is secure and your credit card information is only going to that store.

Computer experts also suggest using PayPal.

\"If you have a website that you aren't really positive about, you could go with PayPal instead of putting in a credit card and check in with PayPal. Most legit places have that as an option,\" said computer expert Travis Ingersoll.

If the website doesn't have that option, you should probably think twice before making a purchase.

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