How to keep your pipes safe during cold weather

NOW: How to keep your pipes safe during cold weather

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Classes and programs are canceled for hundreds of students enrolled at two locations of Next Door Early Childhood Education in Milwaukee due to burst pipes.

Next Door’s Capitol Drive and 29th Street locations are closed. The cause is still being determined but it is believed that the cold weather is to blame for both pipes bursting.

Plumbers across the area say they’ve been busy with calls all week. One local plumber says it’s important to plan ahead to prevent any freezing or burst pipes.

“They need to know the layout of their house so they can be proactive,” C.P. Conway Plumbing president Rick Conway said. “If there’s access panes open them up, get air movement and open up doors. You could also leave a faucet running overnight just trickling so the water will not be standing and freezing.”

Next Door is planning to reopen the impacted locations on Monday.

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