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How to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard

MILWAUKEE -- A wet June means a bumper crop of mosquitoes. But if you're waiting for the city to come out and spray you may be waiting a long time. As CBS 58 found out, very few communities spray residential areas.

The Mosquito Squad sprays for five metro Milwaukee counties neighborhoods. They say their call volume has doubled compared to last year. This month they've already fielded 350 calls. The experts tell us what you can do to improve your chances of having a mosquito free yard.

First, turn your pots over, standing water of any kind is a breeding ground. In fact, one of the worst offenders they say, is your backyard tarp. Rain often collects and one female mosquito can quickly turn into millions.

Next up, trim your grass back. Experts say mosquitoes like to hide in shady grass during the day. Trimming it back with take away their hiding spot.

Remove some of the small things, like beer cans, plastic water bottle tops, or even tires that may not be in use. All of those things can cause issues.



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