How to cope after another mass shooting

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- News of another mass shooting may be affecting your life, even if you weren't directly impacted by the Highland Park shooting. 

While more than 60 miles away from Milwaukee, it still hits close to home.

"People from the age of 8 to 45 were shot, so anyone in that age range thinks about themselves or a loved one that could be at any event like that," said Dr. Chad Wetterneck, the clinical director at Rogers Behavioral Health

It isn't hard to imagine as many people spent the day at parades and firework shows over the weekend. No one is untouched by the impact of the violence, and it may seem difficult to escape. 

"Today's day and age we're so connected to everyone else," said Dr. Wetterneck. 

So, what's the impact on people as we continue to hear about mass shootings? 

"The closer it hits home to them, whether it be doing similar activities or envisioning the types of victims that were similar to them and going to similar events, the more likely it is to result in some symptoms related to trauma.

Hearing about another mass shooting may have you feeling down, and Dr. Wetterneck says it could last weeks. You may be losing sleep, feeling more irritable than usual or anxious about the future. 

"All of that sounds bad, but at the same time it would be quite normal and that's the first thing I want people to recognize is: that's a normal response to hearing bad things happening," he said. 

He says it's important to process your feelings by leaning on supportive people in your life and taking a break from checking the cycles of news and social media too often. 

If you feel any of these symptoms, Dr. Wetterneck says it doesn't mean you need to talk to an expert, but there's no wrong time to reach out to a professional.

Here is a link to some mental health resources in Milwaukee County.

Here are some resources if you think you may be dealing with trauma. 

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