How Soon Is Too Soon to Warn of An Approaching Tornado?

Our weather has definitely been on the quiet side of things.  We had one minor bout of severe weather last Monday.  And looking ahead the next week or so, it looks fairly high and dry.  But you know it's only a matter of time stronger storms will strikes, possibly even tornadoes.

So there's a long-running debate among scientists.  The question is how early is too early when it comes to warning the public about impending storms, particularly tornadoes?  Would you believe some research has indicated when there's an hour to take precautions from a storm, people tend to get in harm's way?  In other words, they might drive right into a storm's path.  However, with much lesser time, like only fifteen minutes, they tend to seek shelter the proper way.

There's another concern.  It's the so-called "Cry Wolf Syndrome."  In other words, overwarning too much.  And this results in people not paying attention when they should.  Of course social media is a big part of forecasting and providing information to public.  In my opinion, knowledge is power.  It should never be dismissed, especially when we're talking about life and death situations.  

When bad weather strikes or is expected, you know the entire CBS58 weather team will keep you updated and safe.  Also, know the CBS58 weather app is a great tool to use when you're away from your home or computer. 

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