How much will Trump, Obama Wisconsin visits impact midterms?

NOW: How much will Trump, Obama Wisconsin visits impact midterms?

With high profile events for President Donald Trump and Barack Obama scheduled in Wisconsin this week, some wonder how much it will matter on election day.

"I think it really is up in the air, whether these things are making a difference," UWM Professor Mordecai Lee said.

Marquette Law Poll Director Charles Franklin says these rallies might only pick up votes on the margins, but that could be enough for Scott Walker or Tony Evers.

"I think you certainly saw that in 2016 when the state was decided by just 22,000 votes out of 3 million cast, or almost 3 million cast," Franklin said. "Inches do matter."

Lee says high profile visits don't usually sway independents, but they can rally the base and gain campaign volunteers.

"I need your help to volunteer," Lee said. "Go out and knock on doors. So in other words that becomes kind of a bank shot in billiards. It's not a direct contact with the voters. It's a once removed contact with the voters."

He says as far as mobilizing the base, It's advantage Trump.

"It looks like President Trump has some kind of magic sauce. Because when he does appearances it really does affect turnout."

But Franklin says trump is so polarizing, he could hurt walker as much as he helps.

"His appearance may mobilize his own supporters, but it can also galvanize his opponents."

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