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How Milwaukee's FBI unit is like 'CSI Cyber'

Tonight is the CSI Cyber season finale. While you've seen the actors, the real life FBI examiners are solving crimes here in Wisconsin. Matt Petersen, CART Examiner for the FBI says, \"My wife hates watching the shows with us because we keep yelling at the TV, that's not how it is in real life. So it's kinda fun.\"

In CSI Cyber they track down kidnappers. Our local agents have solved major kidnapping crimes here in our own city with computer analysis.

\"We've worked on kidnapping cases, murder cases, murder for hire, local law enforcement as well as state officials.\"

As an FBI examiner, Petersen says he looks at the components of a computer before turning over all the information to an investigator.

\"We're going to rip through the drive, identify how the programs were installed, how the files got there, how utilized program, and put them up for the investigator to review.\"

So which cyber crimes are affecting our area? Milwaukee Division's Special Agent in charge says computer fraud and identity theft are the main problems both locally and overseas.

Bob Shields, Special Agent in Charge Milwaukee Division, \"My biggest concern is the computer intrusion and having the capability to go ahead and to be able to conduct an investigation and figure out where the intrusion is coming from.\"

As for our FBI expert, he says the show messes up one thing the amount of time it takes to solve a crime.

\"The FBI is very slow and methodical on how they do things so some investigations take 6 months and some take two years.\"

Our FBI expert expert says they are impressed with the shows use of proper terminology.

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