How Long Will El Nino Last?

Rather chilly air is coming this week.  So you might be wondering if our mild El Nino weather pattern is over.  Not so fast.  It's expected to last through the winter.  However, scientists say they do anticipate a change to more "neutral"conditions during the late spring or early summer. 

El Nino is the term used to describe the above average-warming of seas in the equatorial Pacific.  Those waters can translate into climate pattern shifts around the world.

Researchers say sea surface temperatures in the El Nino monitoring regions were still well above average.  If fact, readings were 2.38 degrees Celsius above average in December, setting a new record.  The old record was 2.24C above average in 1997, thought to be the strongest El Nino on record.

With this type of incluence, both the South and Pacific Coast typically experience wetter periods while the Upper Midwest has drier, milder weather. 

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