House Fire Potentially Caused by Space Heater

Cold weather can sometimes lead to fires, just because of the way people try to keep their homes warm.

"This is a time of year when people use a lot of space heaters and they don't understand that space heaters draw a lot of current through old tired wiring," says Battalion Chief Sean Slowey from the Milwaukee Fire Department.

Electrical problems are the suspected cause of a fire Monday morning on a house near Clement and Oklahoma in Bay View. 

The family living in the house got out safely. Cold weather did cause a bit of a delay in the firefighting effort.

"The hydrant on the corner was frozen and when they opened it up the whole inside of the hydrant was ice. So they had to relocate to a different hydrant,” says

No one was hurt and the fire did not spread to any other homes. 

There was a space heater in this home but at this point, but it has not been confirmed that it was the specific cause for the electrical issues.

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