Hot Weekend Ahead, Tips to Stay Safe

CBS 58—It’s Summer in Milwaukee and that means people will be spending a lot of time outdoors, but with weekend temperatures in the 90s, people need to be cautious.

This weekend Pride Fest and the Rock N Sole Run are taking place at the Summerfest grounds, and EMTs at Bell Ambulance are ready for a busy weekend.

“All the rigs are stocked with coolers or ice chests, lots of water, lots of Gatorade,” said Jason Flegner with Bell Ambulance.

In preparation for the heat, Flegner says organizers of the run added ice chips to water stations, more wet towels and misting tents so runners can get splashed with water.

Flegner says something to remember this weekend, no matter what you're doing, is to stay hydrated. It might seem pretty obvious but he says people need to remember that means water or a sports drink, not alcohol.

“A 12-pack of beer doesn't necessarily mean you're hydrating,” Flegner said.

He says a good rule of thumb is a glass of water for every alcoholic drink.

But no matter what the thermometer says, Wisconsinites say when its warm- you have to enjoy it.

“You know, it's cold nine months out of the year, it's cold, we gotta get out when we can,” said Brandon Schmidt, who attended Pride Fest Friday.

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