Hospitalized Miley Cyrus cancels Kansas City concert Tuesday night

Kansas City, MO (KCTV) -- An ailing Miley Cyrus has canceled her concert Tuesday night at Sprint Center.


The notice came a matter of hours before she was scheduled to go on stage.


Sprint Center officials say the cancellation is because Cyrus is in the hospital. 


\"Cyrus has been hospitalized for a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics and has been placed on medical rest by her doctors. She will not be able to perform as scheduled,\" according to a statement from the Sprint Center.


On her Twitter account, Cyrus said \"amazing doctors\" are taking \"good care of me\" and she shared a picture of her with a stuffed animal in her hospital bed.


She also used emoticons to express her disappointment to concert goers.


\"Kansas I promise Im as (heartbroken) as you are. I wanted so badly 2 b there 2night. (crying face). Not being with yall makes me feel (expletive) than I already do,\" she wrote on her Twitter account.


According to, she fell ill at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City where Truman Road was filled with buses for her Bangerz tour. She is now in a Kansas City hospital.


TMZ said she had been shopping with her mother earlier in the day while in Kansas City.


Earlier this month, Cyrus' beloved dog Floyd died and she canceled a concert in Charlotte just 30 minutes before it started.


At the time, Live Nation said the 21-year-old pop singer had been diagnosed with the flu and was ordered to rest.


Cyrus became a star of the Disney show Hannah Montana. Her concert at the Sprint Center several years ago sold out in a matter of minutes, and became the subject of City Council meetings regarding scalping of tickets. But her decidedly adult antics of late, including twerking at the MTV movie awards, and her tumultuous personal life have made headlines and tarnished her squeaky clean image.


Refunds for tonight's concert can be made where tickets were bought. 

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