Homestead High School Student Scores Perfect 36 on ACT

A junior at Homestead High School has scored a perfect 36 on the ACT exam, only .04% of students across the country score a perfect 36.

William Clark, an 11th grade Homestead student, took the exam in December 2015 and received perfect scores on all four sections, which include mathematics, English, reading and science reasoning.

“On behalf of the entire Homestead staff, I would like to congratulate William on this accomplishment,” said Brett Bowers, principal of Homestead High School. “Throughout his high school career, he has distinguished himself as a diligent worker and a great thinker. This success is a tribute to his efforts and his drive to learn at the highest level.”

The ACT is a national college admissions exam that tests high school students across four subject-specific sections. Roughly 1.7 million high school students take the exam each year.

The national average ACT score in 2015 was 21.

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