Homeless Man Accused of Raping Woman who let Him Stay with Her

On December 17 at 5:40 AM City of Racine was dispatched to 1554 Packard Avenue for a sexual assault. The victim and her boyfriend stated that she was raped by Allen Judon. 

The victim told police they allowed Judon to temporarily stay at their residence because he is homeless. 

According to text messages, Judon asked the victim to have sex with him multiple times which she repeatedly declines. 

On the 17th, Judon and the victim were watching television when the victim took a Xanax and fell asleep on the couch at 3:30 AM. The victim's boyfriend carried her to their bedroom when he left for work at 4:45 AM. 

The victim later woke up and was face-down on her bed with her pants removed being sexually assaulted from behind. The victim told police she originally thought it was her boyfriend but when she felt dread locks she realized it was Judon. When Judon turned the victim on her back she pushed him off of her and asked where her boyfriend was. Judon told her he was at work ad then attempted to resume having sex with her.

The victim told police she pushed the defendant off of her, called her boyfriend, who told her to call police which she did.

When police arrived, the victim told police she did not consent to any sexual contact with Judon. Judon admitted to having sex with the victim but insisted it was consensual.

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