Homecoming rivalry between two West Bend high schools under one roof

NOW: Homecoming rivalry between two West Bend high schools under one roof

WEST BEND, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's homecoming season across Wisconsin, and while many schools get ready to take on their rivals across town, in West Bend, their rivals are just a hallway apart. 

West Bend East Suns play the West Bend West Spartans on Friday night at 7 p.m. Their rivalry goes back nearly 50 years, when two high schools opened under one roof. 

“If you’ve never been to the West Bend high schools, and the story sounds crazy, it is,” said Ralph Schlass, West Bend West High School principal. 

There are two cafeterias, two libraries, and two school administrations in one building. School officials say it allows them to provide students more opportunities and resources like 24 AP classes. Teachers are assigned east or west, but can teach for both, and unlike traditional districts, the school students go to is based on their birthday. Students born on an odd day go to West Bend West, and if they are born on an even day, they go to West Bend East. Siblings typically follow the oldest child. 

There are about 2,100 students at the two schools, and it's possible for them to share the same classes.

“In the classroom we're all the same, but once we step on the athletic field it’s game on," said Charlie Danaher, West senior. 

The students will tell you the rivalry is strong between the Spartans and the Suns.

"East overall definitely shows more pride in their school. We have a bigger student section, a louder student section, and we show up to support each other," said Megan Fisher, East senior. 

Last year, East beat West, 42-0. 

“Whoever wins the game gets the bucket," said Griffin Russo, East senior. 

But West is hopeful they can pull off a win. 

“In this game, anything can happen. I have seen it all these years, emotion carries the day," said Schlass. 

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