Home invasion leaves a man in serious condition on Milwaukee’s north side

NOW: Home invasion leaves a man in serious condition on Milwaukee’s north side

According to police, it all happened on the 5300 block of 62nd street near Keefe late Tuesday night.

That suspect is still on the run.

“When the sun goes down, we stay licked in our house,” says David Armstrong a resident of the area.

For more than 40 years, David Armstong has lived along North 62nd street. While he says the area can be calm he says he’s not surprised Tuesday night’s home invasion.

“I’m always concerned when I have my grandchild over,” explains Armstrong.

Police say a gunman broke into a 30-year-old’s home to rob him. Once on scene, police say they found the victim with serious injuries.

It’s a scenario far too common for people like Anna Johnson, who we found letting her son’s dogs out. She says he has been a home invasion victim as well.

“It happened to him a few years ago and the police caught them,” says Johnson.

“Crime has gone up in the community here,” says Armstrong. “Maybe the mayor is right, we might need to raise taxes, unfortunately, to bring in more police force and keep the crime down.”

Neighbors describe the area as usually quiet with many retirees. But they admit incidents like this recent home invasion are alarming.

“Most of these people have burglary alarms, they have dogs, they have a community of neighbors watching out,” says Johnson.

“Maybe we need some bicycle policemen patrolling the streets in this area,” says Armstrong. “I wish everybody well but we’ve got to take action.”

The suspect has not been identified by police.

Officers say this is still an ongoing investigation.


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