Home Depot stores designate special parking spots for wounded warriors

 MUKWONAGO-- Outside Home Depot's store in Mukwonago, there are two special parking spots for wounded warriors.

\"It's the little things in life that are important to us,\" said Telemachos Agoudemos, with VFW Post 11038.

The signs from Wounded Warriors Family Support are Home Depot's way of honoring local veterans.

\"It's just a small gesture that we can make as a company to say thank you and recognize and appreciate the sacrifices our veterans have made,\" said Jeff Boss, Home Depot Mukwonago's store manager.

You can expect to see more signs at Home Depot stores across the region.

\"Home Depot as a whole, makes a very concerted effort to recognize our veterans, all the time,\" said Boss.

Boss says more than 10% of his employees are veterans, including Don Cook, affectionately known by customers as the elderly man with the floppy hat.

\"I'm very proud to be a veteran, and I'm very proud to work for Home Depot,\" said Cook.

Cook worked as a physician's assistant in the US Army before retiring, he's also a disabled veteran. .

\"There's not a lot of places that would hire disabled veterans,\" said Cook.

He says the best way to honor veterans-- is to hire them.

\"There's so many of them out there, without jobs that can use it,\" said Cook.

\"In a world of turmoil, that's definitely something that we need to remember who the true patriots in our country are,\" said Agoudemos.

Boss says with a busy season coming up, Home Depot is hiring, and they encourage all veterans to apply.

Any business that wants a free sign to designate their own special spot for wounded warriors can request them from Wounded Warriors Family Support. 

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