Home-bound seniors could get DoorDash delivery from Hunger Task Force

WEST MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Hunger Task Force is teaming up with the United Way and DoorDash to make it easier for home-bound seniors to get food. 

The partnership will help bring food to people who can't leave their home or don't feel comfortable leaving their home. 

"There's 200-thousand people over the age of 60 in Milwaukee County. Poverty is a big issue and so is access to services," said Jan Wilberg. 

Hunger Task Force is already working to get food to people using food pantries and mobile markets, now they're focusing on people who can't get to those places. 

"During the course of the pandemic we met a lot of seniors who couldn't leave their house," said Sherri Tussler, executive director at the Hunger Task Force. "They were worried and fearful that they shouldn't leave their house."

A national partnership between the United Way and DoorDash is stepping up to help. 

Anyone over the age of 60 that meets the income requirements will be eligible to get a "Stockbox" box of staple foods delivered to their home by DoorDash drivers.  

"It's the dasher. It's the DoorDash drivers that will come over to Hunger Task Force Monday through Friday and pick up the boxes and deliver them door-to-door," said Nicole Angresano, with United Way. 

The Hunger Task Force is currently accepting applications. Those accepted will receive one box a month with staple foods. Boxes with high protein shelf items like whole grain cereals. Each box is filled with the same food.

While it's intended to help home-bound seniors, Angresano said it has an added benefit.

"This is also a really nice boost for delivery drivers. We know that has been an important source of income for many during this time," said Angresano.

This pilot program runs August through December. 

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