High winds cause damage in Shorewood

SHOREWOOD -- Wind has been blowing all morning across southeast Wisconsin.

We-Energies crews were all over the city Friday.  Crews were in Shorewood Friday morning after a large tree branch came down.   People in the Shorewood neighborhood woke up with no power.  A large branch off a tree came crashing down around 6:00 am.  It knocked power out to Kate Buttrum's home along with others on Newton Avenue.  It also busted up her fence and parts of her garage.  She's happy everyone is okay and that the branch fell where it did.

\"We heard a loud crash and we thought it was actually our son who had fallen out of bed,\" Kate Buttrum said. \"We went and checked on him and looked out the window and it turned out to be this large tree came down.  It crashed into the fence here as well as the garage and no more electricity.\"

We Energies worked to fix the outages through Friday morning.

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