High Winds Cause Damage Across the Area

Wind gusts have been causing damage all across our area including a bus stop on North and Humboldt which proved to be more of a hazard than a shelter from the wind. City crews cleaned up the collapsed shelter.

What started out as a promising day with warm temps, turned into wicked windy weather leading to outages throughout our area.

Sydney Armstrong, a resident without power says, "All of the sudden all I hear is a loud noise. It's a loud boom and all of the TVs go off, the electricity goes off, and then I look outside. I don't see anything until the fire truck comes pulling up."

We Energies says they've had more than 85-hundred outages and are asking the public to not approach downed wires even if they seem inactive.

Cathy Schulze, a We Energies spokeswoman says, "Our line crews, the folks in the elements, we just hand it to them on days like today. They're by energized lines, a dangerous situation in any day but even more so when you're in the elements like you are today."

A strong dust blew over a stoplight and part of a tree near McKinley Marina. Milwaukee's Forestry Department says they have about 100 workers cutting up trees that have fallen into the road like one at Oakland and Newberry.

Chris Riley,with Milwaukee Forestry Department says, "It looks like it's full of rotten wood, the wind hit it the right way. This is what happens, nature lets us know what the deficits are out here. We're out here getting it clean and making it safe."

We Energies says you can check their outage map on their website they refresh it every 15 minutes. 

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