High school athletes use Giannis' postgame speech as inspiration

NOW: High school athletes use Giannis’ postgame speech as inspiration

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A sad loss for the Bucks last night, but some say the postgame interview for Giannis was a "win." today, coaches across the Milwaukee area are sharing Giannis' positive message with their student athletes.

"It's not a failure. It's steps to success," said Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo on Wednesday night.

The Bucks loss to the Heat was one fans certainly didn't expect.

"I mean it's kind of an upset, but then again you can't win all games," said Prince Jackson, Marshall High School senior.

Sounding just like Giannis did when asked if the season was a failure.

"Some days it's your turn. Some days it's not your turn and that's what sports is about. You don't always win," said Antetokounmpo.

"It's a good message for us as people in general just being resilient," said George Rainey, South Division High School track coach.

Coaches hope student athletes truly get the message.

And Giannis' message is making an impact today on more than just high school basketball players.

Students on Milwaukee's north side are taking the NBA star's words to heart, as they get ready for their own competition.

"You shouldn't let losses really get to you mentally because you know you always gonna win some, you always gonna lose some, it's part of life and it's how you overcome those losses," said Jashaun Robinson, Marshall High School senior.

Anthony Dowery coaches track and football for Marshall High School.

"A lot of our kids, they take losses not only on the football field or the basketball court, but in life in general and they can use his words as inspiration to apply that to their life and realize that you know it's not the end," said Anthony Dowery, Marshall High School football and track coach.

"Michael Jordan played 15 years, won six championships. The other nine years was a failure? That's what you're telling me," said Antetokounmpo.

At Racine St. Catherine's, boys basketball had heavy hearts after a loss last month in the Division III sectional semifinals. Today, their athletic director's making a point to share Giannis' words.

"It immediately was something I knew I needed to send to my coaches. Kids don't often hear that. They hear that you got to win. Winning is everything, but winning isn't everything because you learn from losing. You grow from that," said Tyson Tlachac, Racine St. Catherine's athletic director.

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