High-Rated MSOE's Rowing Team sails through many challenges

NOW: High-Rated MSOE’s Rowing Team sails through many challenges

Seeing the MSOE row team practicing on the Milwaukee River is more common than you think. They’re out here daily usually at dawn or dusk. They race in either 4or 8 person boats. The team consists of 25-35 students including rowers and coxswains. These are the steersman of the boat. Many of the rowers never took a stroke before joining the club. By the way, the group competes against Division one teams like Harvard. In fact, they’ve taken boats to the Division 1 championships five of the last six years. And they’re going back again this year.

This row team is privately funded. So, they’re always looking for more donations. On May 19th, the row team is celebrating ten years in existence with a fundraiser at the Kern Center in Milwaukee. Click here for more information.

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