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Milwaukee alderman calling on state lawmakers for stricter gun laws after fatal shooting of pregnant woman

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police continue to investigate the shooting death of a pregnant woman.

Annie Sandifer, 35, was shot on a party bus parked outside of Gene's Supper Club near 60th and Congress early Saturday morning. Milwaukee police say a silver four-door sedan drove by firing five to six shots from the sunroof.

Sandifer was rushed to the hospital by the party bus, but later died.

"She had a family, she has a husband, she had kids," said Octavia Lewis, Sandifer’s cousin.

Sandifer was 26-weeks pregnant. Despite her death, doctors were able to save her baby boy through emergency C-section.

"He is a miracle baby, he is here through the grace of God and he's healthy and fighting like his mom was a fighter,” said Latonya McCay, a close family member. “It's kind of typical for someone to be born that early to have a breathing condition but I believe, we all believe he's here for a reason and he's going to make it through."

The loss has been devastating for the family. McCay said they haven't yet shared news of the death with Sandifer’s five other children. "I don't think it's the right time right now. It's a right time and season for everything."

Meanwhile, District 2 Alderman Cavalier Johnson, who represents the neighborhood, says more needs to be done at the state level to control gun violence in the community.

"The Legislature just won't act," he said. "It’s very frustrating, especially when we're trying to take it in a different direction and folks on the right say how dangerous it is here. Well, help us to make it safer by limiting access to people who should not have access to guns in the first place." 

Sandifer's family is asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact authorities.

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Homer 16 days ago
Stricter Gun Laws for all age people. No exceptions. No excuses. Give justice.

1st gun related conviction = Demerits, Timeout, and a warning of the CERTAIN Punishment for a 2nd gun related conviction.

2nd gun related conviction = Amputation of the thumb on the primary gun hand, additional Demerits, another Timeout, and a warning of the CERTAIN Punishment for a 3rd gun related conviction.

3rd gun related conviction = Amputation of the entire hand, additional Demerits, another Timeout, and a warning of the CERTAIN Punishment for a 4th gun related conviction.

A similar program should be implemented for Drunk Driving/DUI/OUI.

Demerits and Timeouts don't work.
Lawrence 16 days ago
Gun ownership laws keeping registered firearms only in the hands of law abiding, registered gun owners is something everyone should support. Over time, the gun murder rate would decline to near zero.
Scot 16 days ago
Stricter gun laws are not the answer, dont be stupid
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