Heroic rescue in Germantown

GERMANTOWN-Some real heroics from the Germantown Fire Department Wednesday after a trucker and his passenger ended up in a swollen canal.

The truck landed in very high water just off of Highway 41 near Lannon Road.

Both men in the truck couldn't make it out on their own but getting to them was no easy task.

\"We got out there and it was down pouring even harder and we go across and all of sudden the lightning started,\" explained Lt. Tom Hass, \"There was one of those cracks of lightning where you see the flash and crack at the same time and the hair stood up on the back of our necks. It was very close but we just did our job and kept going. We didn't let that bother us.\"

Photos from the scene show how the fire crews used ladders and ropes to travel out to the truck in chest high water and get the men to drier land.

Both were hospitalized. We're told their injuries are not life threatening.

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