Here's how to get your snow plow license in Milwaukee for just $10

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Winter has made its welcome and Milwaukee Alderman Cavalier Johnson is reminding people they can get a snow plowing license for just $10. 

According to a news release from the alderman, the City of Milwaukee does not plow alleys within the city, and city ordinance requires any person, firm or corporation engaged in the business of removing snow or ice from public sidewalks or public alleys to obtain a license to do so.

Those interested in getting a snow plowing license can get their contact information posted online so potential customers can more easily call them. 

Alderman Johnson says residents will typically band together to hire a contractor to plow their alley during the winter, and when contractors obtain a snow plowing equipment license their information can be readily found by prospective customers. 

“In the past we’ve heard from residents that it is increasingly difficult to find contractors to do the (plowing) work. I urge more private plow contractors to get their licenses so they can connect with residents in need of their services,” the alderman said.

Licensed plowing contractors are listed on the License Division web page HERE -- and that's also where the snow plowing equipment license applications can be found.

Applicants can also email questions to [email protected].

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