Here is how to obtain an ID from the DMV to vote in the Spring Election

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin 2021 Spring Election is just weeks away and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is making sure people know how to obtain identification.

The DMV said you can start the process now for a free ID to vote.

Valid identification for voting purposes include a driver license, identification card, military or student ID card, and more. There is no separate ID just for voting. If you are unsure if your identification meets the requirements, click here.

To obtain identification to show at the polls for voting, DMV says to begin online. A list of the required documents to bring to the DMV is available here

According to the DMV, if the required documents needed for an ID are not readily available, DMV has a process called the Voter ID Petition Process. The process is free and can be used to quickly obtain a receipt valid to take to the polls while the remaining documents or verifications are obtained.

You can start your application now by clicking here or at a local DMV Customer Service Center.

Anyone with questions related to obtaining an ID to vote should call DMV’s toll-free Voter ID hotline at (844) 588-1069. 

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