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Herd of horses continually breaking out, roaming free on streets of Richfield

NOW: Herd of horses continually breaking out, roaming free on streets of Richfield


RICHFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Richfield residents say a group of horses wandering roads and running through their yards has become an all too common occurrence in their neighborhood.

The horses, a mule and a baby donkey named Bob keep escaping Danah Zoulek’s fence. Zoulek says she has been cited for "animal at large" approximately 70 times.

“I had them Friday night, during the storm,” said neighbor Lori Hoffmann, who also owns animals and sometimes puts the wandering herd in her fenced in area when they come by her house.

Neighbors say the road they escape to, Scenic Road, is very busy -- with hills that limit visibility.

“We need this issue resolved before someone gets injured or dies," Hoffmann said.

The animals caused a flurry of 911 calls during a storm on Friday when they allegedly made their way to the railroad tracks.

“There’s horses in the god **** road for Christ sake,” one caller said.

Zoulek says she’s made neighborhood enemies through land disputes and purchasing a local quarry, as part of a project to help her fellow veterans.

“I know for a fact, somebody has been tampering with my fencing,” Zoulek said.

She’s already had to find new homes for her goats and chickens, which also routinely got lost.

Zoulek says she doesn’t have the resources to build a sturdy enough fence for the horses.

“I just hope they stop," Zoulek said. "Because it’s not fair to the animals, or to the community.”

Zoulek takes responsibility for the issues, and says she is looking to downsize her herd. She is in the process of finding new homes for a majority of her horses, but says she will not get rid of Bob.

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YvonneHeuter 24 days ago
Once again, Ms. Zoulek is looking to play the victim here. She is being very disingenuous when she says she is filling in the quarry purely for altruistic reasons, when it is solely to enrich herself at the expense of her neighbors. While the courts have determined that it is within her right to do this, she has literally created an abomination in the neighborhood, with trucks zooming by all day long, spewing dust dirt and rocks on the roads the her property looks like the pit from hell. No one knows exactly what she is dumping in the pit and has already received a violation from the DNR for noncompliance with regulations. The neighbors are forced to endure this for God knows how long until the pit is filled in (10+ years), and she cannot even manage to keep her livestock and dog contained on her property. She is blaming the neighbors for "baiting her livestock" and she says she "knows for a fact" that her fence has been tampered with. For many years (until recently) her idea containing her livestock was ordinary rope! If the neighbors are responsible for all of these citations, how does this explain her dog running loose continuously as well? Did she ever think of putting her dog on a leash before the dog gets outside? Seventy citations for animals at large and it is the neighbors' fault! Now she is looking for sympathy because she "cannot afford" to do what is necessary to contain her animals. Then she cannot afford to keep them until she can. She is NOT the victim here and she is a very bad neighbor.
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