Heavy Storms Cause Chaos for Southeastern Wisconsin

NOW: Heavy Storms Cause Chaos for Southeastern Wisconsin

Sunday night storms caused a bit of chaos in southeastern Wisconsin. Homes, cars, and businesses ended up surrounded by several feet of flood waters.

A line of debris along grass and sidewalks showed how high the water had rose. While it may look like everything reseeded, residents were left dealing with the aftermath.

Driving up and down roads in Kenosha you wouldn’t think the area was impacted but what residents showed us proved otherwise.

“From where I’m standing, all the way to the back, was completely under water,” Explained Tom Brodsko as he pointed to his flooded back yard. “This will take another 8 hours to go down but that’s alright. At least I’m not dealing with it inside the house.”

Brodsko lives on the south side of Kenosha where he says flooding is nothing new but admits he’s never seen that much accumulation.

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