Mural of headless woman in Milwaukee's Third Ward draws attention

NOW: Mural of headless woman in Milwaukee’s Third Ward draws attention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A piece of artwork in Milwaukee's Third Ward is turning heads.

According to On Milwaukee, it's a mural on the side of the dye house building on Buffalo Street. 

The painting shows a seated woman who has no head. It was painted by a German urban artist.

Some people say the headless aspect makes the artwork that much more interesting.

"To me it does, because I might recognize who she is if the head was on there, so that might have been scary, so I like it the way it is," said Dennis English. "I think it's right out of Ichabod Crane, a headless horseman kind of thing."

"I think it's pretty artistic. I don't have a problem with the no head thing," Kathryn Pipia said. 

"I love murals. I love art. Even if I don't have a clue as to what that means, I love it," added Sherry Payne.

On Milwaukee  says the woman depicted in the picture is Milwaukee chef and butcher Karen Bell, the owner of Bavette.

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