"He was who Everybody was Looking for;" Landowner Finds Jakubowski

NOW: “He was who Everybody was Looking for;“ Landowner Finds Jakubowski

In the rugged hills of Western Wisconsin, a 10-day search for Joseph Jakubowski came to an end Friday morning. 

And it was all thanks to a blue tarp, and a local landowner with a keen eye.

Jeff Gorn found Jakubowski hiding on his property Thursday evening, hiding under a tarp with 5 guns, ammunition, and a copy of his manifesto. 

     "This is the time of year that I take walks in the woods to look around," he says. "And when I got up there looking across, I saw what I believed to be something that had blown in the wind and that was a blue tarp."

Gorn says he took his 4-wheeler over to the tarp, where he realized someone was inside.

     "When I got over to the blue tarp I realized there was a bag sitting behind the tarp, and I also realized that somebody had staked it out, similar to what a tent would be." 

Gorn says he asked Jakubowski to leave his property, not knowing who he was. 

     "When I said you can't stay here, he looked at me like "ugh". So right there, I thought you know, he probably had just set this all up."

Authorities say it's unclear how Jakubowski traveled the 125 miles from Janesville to Vernon County. His car was found burned near the gun store police say he robbed of 18 guns last week. 

     "He looked disheveled, and like he hadn't slept in some time," said Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden.

Gorn says he wasn't scared of Jakubowski, but that he could tell something was wrong. Gorn is a former counselor. 

     "I drove up to a little makeshift tent and talked to a man about the problems he was having, that's my world, that's what I do," he says. "I think he's fallen on hard times. I think there's things in his life that didn't go right. I think he's looking for a way out, a way to say what's happening to me and other people is not right." 

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