"He is a part of our family": Coworkers chip in to surprise hardworking teen

For the past two years, 19-year-old Noah Robinson has been living on his own.

He said he left his unstable home life behind and never looked back. He was determined to make a better life for himself.

Six months ago, Robinson started working at Glastender Inc., a family-owned business that makes bar and restaurant equipment, in Saginaw, Michigan. He didn't have a car, but somehow he still managed to get to work on time every day.

Rain or shine, Robinson would hop on his bike and ride for six and a half miles to the office. Coworkers couldn't help but appreciate the teen's dedication.

So, on Robinson's 19th birthday last week, they decided to surprise him with a new ride — a shiny red car complete with giant ribbon on the hood.

"I was out of words; I was crying," Robinson told CBS affiliate WNEM. "I was happy."

Dan McGrandy, an engineering technician at Glastender, helped lead the effort. He asked employees if they'd be willing to donate to the cause.

"Within a couple of weeks we had quite a bit money donated towards finding him a car," McGrandy told WNEM. "It was nice to be able to do it."

Before Robinson could get behind the wheel, the teen had to pass his driving test. Todd Hall, the president of Glastender, happily escorted Robinson to the Department of Motor Vehicles on Thursday to help him get his license.


McGrandy hopes these gestures will show Robinson they consider him family.

"I think he now sees that he is a part of our family and he knows we're going to be there for him," McGrandy added.

Robinson says he appreciates his coworkers' support.

"They're good to work with," he said. "They are really nice people and I really appreciate it."

The teen plans to continue working with the company. Eventually, he hopes to go to college and learn welding.

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