HAWS takes in more than a dozen neglected animals from Jefferson County

HAWS of Waukesha County took 23 dogs in from the Jefferson County Humane Society within the past few days. It was a case where the person who had the dogs became overwhelmed and contacted the Jefferson County Humane Society for help. Since Jefferson County is going through a transition right now, leaders there could not take more than 20 dogs. HAWS of Waukesha stepped in to help. Many of the dogs were not in good shape.

\"Most of these dogs weren't spayed or neutered,\" HAWS of Waukesha a County Executive Director Lynn Olenik said. \"I don't know if this was some sort of a breeding operation where somebody thought 'oh I can sell a few puppies and that way I can keep some money coming in to keep the animals going'. But it never works out that way. This person had close to 30 dogs.\"

Some of the dogs are available now to adopt. Others still need more medical care before they are available.

Contact HAWS at (262)542-8851 for adoption information.

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