HAWS rescues deer from Basement of Home Under Construction

HAWS of Waukesha rescued a deer stuck in the basement of a house under construction the weekend of October 18.

There was 8-10 inches of water in the basement, so a HAWS Field Services Manager needed to get to the deer before it went down or it would have drowned.

The deer was weight and weighed about 180-200 pounds.

The HAWS team first took a ladder down into the basement and roped and sedated the deer before it went underwater. A deputy was lowered into the basement on a construction lift and the deer's head up was lifted up from the basement so he had something to grab on to.

The deer was taken down the road a few blocks on the lift to a woods/nature sanctuary and a neighbor allowed us to drop the deer in their back yard. Shortly thereafter it woke up and headed into the safety of the preserve.

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