Hartland community welcomes home soldier

NOW: Hartland community welcomes home soldier

HARTLAND (CBS 58) --  There was a huge show of support Friday night for a Milwaukee police officer serving in the army.

He just returned home to Hartland from his fifth tour of duty overseas.

Army master Sargent Trevor de Boer arrived home to a special party in his honor.

"This is all for you," de Boer's wife Shaunta de Boer said as he arrived. "Welcome home."

"This is unbelievable," Trevor de Boer said. 

De boer just expected to see his family and he had no idea the huge welcome planned just for him.

"Totally unexpected," Trevor de Boer said. "It's been a long trip."

De boer is finally back from serving in Lebanon, his fifth tour of duty.

However, he says he isn't surprised his community would show so much love and support.

"This is Hartland," he said. "This is the heartland.  This is beautiful. The support everyone here has given my family, my wife while i've been gone multiple times is unreal."

The special homecoming was organized by Hartland Fire Chief Dave Dean.

He planned a special escort for de Beor Fire with trucks and ambulances leading him to the fire department for the homecoming celebration.

"We are just so community-oriented here in Hartland and the community just banded together and we said what can we do to welcome home this hero and we are extremely honored and privileged to be a part of it," de Boer said. 

Shaunta de Boer says while this humble hero isn't one to seek out this kind of attention and praise, he definitely deserves it.

"He's just doing his job, serving his country is what he loves to do," de Boer said. 

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