Hartford teen shovels driveways for free

NOW: Hartford teen shovels driveways for free

HARTFORD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Some people may have to shovel their sidewalk after Friday's snowfall, but there's a young man in Hartford who doesn't want to see anyone struggle to clear their driveway.

"I really didn't meet him; he met me," said Pat Grissman.

The good deeds started when 19-year-old Taylor Rennicke met his neighbor, Pat Grissman, after the first snowfall of the year in Hartford. Grissman has lived in her home for 58 years.

"I came out at 10 after 7 in the morning to do my snow shoveling because I'm alone, and he happened to be walking down the sidewalk and he said, 'Would you like me to shovel your driveway for you?'" said Grissman.

"I walked out of my house, and I was like 'I'm going to better myself,' and I'd seen her struggling, she was struggling to lift it up," said Rennicke.

After Rennicke helped shovel for his next door neighbor, Pat, he wanted to help more people, so he went somewhere he could reach thousands: Facebook.

"I got over like 1000 comments, people were like, 'Hey, can you help me with this?'" said Rennicke.

Like his neighbor Pat, Rennicke is doing all the shoveling for free.

"I couldn't believe it when he said, 'Nothing. I'll do it for nothing. I just want to shovel it,' Well I ain't gonna let him do it for nothing because I know how hard it is to shovel," said Grissman.

Rennicke says around 150 people asked for his help, and he's been able to commit to about 30 for the winter season.

"God gave me two hands and two feet. I'd rather use them to help others in this world," said Rennicke.

Rennicke doesn't have a job and gives any donations he received to charity. He says the reward he's getting is worth more than money.

"God has a plan for everybody; he spoke to me through church. I'm doing it for my dad. He hasn't been in my life; he passed away. I want to do it for the meaning of my heart," said Rennicke.

Taylor says he's looking for a steady job to help pay for the expenses of shoveling -- mostly gas and upkeep of the snowblower, but as long as the cold weather brings snow, Rennicke's warm heart will continue to shovel.

Rennicke says his goals aren't only for clear driveways, but that he and his shovel will inspire others.

"Hopefully there will be more people like me. That's what I'm doing it for," said Rennicke.

Rennicke says he's been shoveling for elderly or disabled people in Hartford, and that he has time to help a few more people with their driveway. If you know anyone that needs help, you can respond to his post below.

On Friday, Rennicke's tips from shoveling went to a good cause. He donated around $100 dollars to St. Vincent's in Hartford.

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