Harley-Davidson unveils new electric powered motorcycles

MILWAUKEE -- Harley-Davidson introduced their first non-gas powered motorcycle, and gave Harley riders a chance to test out the bike. The electric powered bike called Project LiveWire is set to debut across the world during an international tour.

Harley-Davidson is sending 22 of their new electric powered bikes around the world so Harley riders can get a peak at the future. The new bike can hit 60 miles per hour in four seconds and doesn't require gear shifting. Project LiveWire can ride for 53 miles before it has to be recharged.

According to a release, Project LiveWire is designed to gain insight into rider expectations for a Harley-Davidson produced electric motorcycle. 

The demo bikes will be on display at the Harley Museum starting June 26, 2014. The company has already decided exactly who will get to test out these bikes, but Harley enthusiasts can still view the bikes at the museum.


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