Hanging up & around at "Reaching Treetops Yoga" in Waukesha

NOW: Hanging up & around at “Reaching Treetops Yoga“ in Waukesha

Waukesha (CBS 58)--Having fun while getting a good workout is not a stretch at "Reaching Treetops Yoga" in downtown Waukesha. And starting this Wednesday been going for the next four, kids get to take an aerial yoga class. Organizers say this is a way to boost confidence and stamina through the use of a rope or hammock. And here’s the biggest catch, being flexible isn’t a necessity.

If you’re interested or interested in taking a class you're asked to preregister.  Click here. The number of sign-ups is limited for this month, but they will be extra sessions in the upcoming months not only for kids but for adults and families too.

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