Hamilton Family weighs in on Eric Garner, awaits justice in Milwaukee

It has been seven months and there has been no decision in the police shooting of Dontre Hamilton. And after no indictments in the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases, Hamilton's brother Nate can't help but wonder the fallout here in Milwaukee.

\"It's just disbelief that a system, a country could continue to do these things to these families,\" Nate Hamilton said.

The system is seemingly being turned upside down as the country is forced to face it's race issues head on.

“Systematic racism has always been is enforced by the people in power to make the decisions to impact people's lives, and the power has always been in the euro-Americans court,\" NAACP President-elect Fred Royal said.

Now, Americans of all races are taking to the streets. Many are telling of their experiences of police brutality and unfair treatment. Royal says this may be the catalyst to real change.

\"It's coming to a boiling point where people are consciously saying enough is enough. It's not humanly right, this is a human rights issue. This is not a black and white issue,\" he said.

President Obama weighed in on the frustration. Earlier this week he called for review of police protocol and even ordered that officers wear body cameras. But, after Eric Garner's choking death was all caught on camera, many are questioning whether that'll even matter.

\"Unfortunately we are seeing too many instances where people just do not have confidence that folks are being treated fairly, and in some cases those may be misperceptions, but in some cases that's a reality,\" President Obama said.

Meanwhile, the wait continues for the Hamilton family, their turn at justice delayed. If District Attorney John Chisholm does not indict former officer Chris Manney, they say it won't be the last he sees of them.

\"If they want to see me on a weekly basis, that's what they'll be asking for because we won't stop until justice is given to the people that deserve it,\" Hamilton said.

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