Halloween skeletons with masks and vaccines: Grafton man's front yard message

NOW: Halloween skeletons with masks and vaccines: Grafton man’s front yard message

GRAFTON, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Grafton nurse practitioner and the nine skeletons on his front lawn have a message for passers-by, 'get vaccinated.'

Kevin Jacoby's lawn is decorated with skeletons in purple face masks, many of them holding giant syringes that are supposed to be COVID vaccinations. There's also a large 'coronavirus ball' front and center.

"The message is get vaccinated. There's many people that are still kind of hanging in there and on the fence about getting vaccinated." said Jacoby. "The science is there. I'm a nurse practitioner. We need to save lives. It's gone on too long." 

Jacoby says he's a big Halloween guy. His initial idea was a skeleton pirate battle which he'll save for another year. He also bought an antique hearse that he's fixing up for future displays.

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