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Halloween is a "target-rich environment", Sheriff deputies check on sex offenders

Milwaukee County -- They weren't asking for candy when they knocked on specific doors Sunday throughout Milwaukee County.  Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputies and probation officers were looking for high-risk sex offenders who might be using Halloween as a way to attract a potential victim.  

\"I like halloween. It's just fun,\" Bonnie Curry said as she handed out candy in Greenfield.

Curry says it's a holiday for everyone.

\"You get to do it with all ages. Everybody gets involved, you get a little dressed up.\"

This year most of the trick-or-treaters were little kids according to Curry.

That's exactly why the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office wants sex offenders on the sidelines for this holiday.

\"For sex offenders it's a target rich environment,\" Detective Alex Martinez said.

Detective Martinez, another deputy, and two people from the Department of Corrections parole and probation division knocked on doors of sex offenders throughout the county Sunday. 

\"We make sure they don't have any decorations before you go to the house,\" Martinez said.  \"It can't be lit, there can't be any indication that you're partaking in the festivities of halloween.\"

Law enforcement doesn't want to take any chances with so many youngsters walking around.

Some sex offenders are prepared for the visit.

\"We've been doing this for several years now and words gotten around. The offenders talk to each other they know what they can and can't do, they're not required to have a sign on the door but any little bit helps.\"

For curry - it's good to see the deputies keeping kids safe.

\"Keeping the neighborhood aware of who's who is sometimes a good thing,\" Curry said.   \"If they should have their doors closed, that's part of what they lost is being able to interact with other people so I agree with it.\"

Preliminary numbers show the Sheriff's office took 19 people into custody for compliance violations. They completed more than 200 checks Sunday.

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